08 November 2016

The NESt - Nurture l Educate l Share l Train

The NESt
Nurture l Educate l Share l Train
About US
The Nature Educational Society (NESt) is an independent and non-political organization. Interest in the formation of the society started after a few social informal gathering which led to its inauguration on 31 October 2016. The NESt aims to nurture, educate, share and train public to significance nature through an art appreciation, exhibition, training and distribution of information.

The NESt also aims to collaborates and assist the government and non-governmental organizations in developing environmental education and training program. The NESt aims to identify and promote products of nature for the purpose of well being and commercial opportunity.
These aims are achieved through programs related to :
1. Interest-to-nature development, 
2. Media & promotion, 
3. General & specific photography based program, and 
4. Leisure, health and business development

The NESt vision is for nature knowledge equity in Malaysia where all people have what they need to know about nature.

Nurturing, Educating, Sharing and Training the nature as subject for Malaysia.

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