24 November 2011

Malayan Night Heron (Gorsachius melanolophus) or Malaysian Night Heron,

For Record Purposes ONLY.
Bird:  Malayan Night Heron (Gorsachius melanolophus) or Malaysian Night Heron, 
Loc:  Selangor Malaysia.
Date: Nov 20 2011.

The Malayan Night Heron (Gorsachius melanolophus) also known as Malaysian Night Heron, is a medium-sized heron. It is distributed in south, east and southeast Asia.

This species is often found near water, and are also common in urban parks. The Malayan Night Heron feeds mostly on earthworms and frogs, and more rarely on fish and lizards.

The Malayan Night Heron stands about 47 cm tall. It is nocturnal and is found in forests. Adults have black crowns, and are reddish-brown overall, with dark reddish-brown underparts with fine streaks, and black underwings. The adults also have blue lores on the face, which can vary in colour after moulting.

                                                                                                                     Selangor Nov 2011


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  2. This is very good find and great shots. Well done.

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