15 April 2012

Saturday at FH...

Re: Saturday at FH...
Bird: Various. 
Loc:  FH Malaysia.
Date: April 2012.
NoteJust for record purposes ONLY.

47 100 ++ hits & counting - since Jan 2011..many thanks..
 Mountain Fulvetta (Alcippe peracensis).
 Male Verditer Flycatcher (Eumyias thalassina).
Female Little Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula westermanni).
Black-Browed Barbet or Müller's Barbet (Megalaima oorti).
 Male Verditer Flycatcher (Eumyias thalassina).

 Rufous-browed Flycatcher (Ficedula solitaris).

A glimpse of another LIFER for 2012 - Pygmy Wren-babbler (Pnoepyga pusilla). - for record purposes only.

Saturday at FH wt Kamal Muda, Jason Tan, Emirul @ FH  Msia  4 12..many thanks...     more to come...  

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