02 May 2012

Jalan2 May 1 2012.

Re: Jalan2 May 1 2012.
Bird:  Male White Browed Shrike babbler.
Loc:  Pahang Malaysia.
Date: April 2012.
Note: for record purposes only.

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The Shrike-babblers is a group of small birds in the genus Pteruthius

The Shrike-babblers range in size from 11.5–20 cm in length and 10-48 g.

They are divergent in plumage and size but all possess a stout black hooked bill, short rictal bristles and a distinctive juvenile plumage. They all exhibit sexual dimorphism in plumage, with the males generally brighter. 

The song is simple and monotonous.

Jalan2 May 1 2012 wt Alzahri Zul Ya Ismail Mamat Dato' Prof. Jamaluddin & Suhaimi @ Pahang Msia 4 12..many thanks...     more to come...  

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