03 December 2012

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Bird: : Mangrove Pitta (Pitta megarhyncha).
Loc: Malaysia.
Date: 1112 .
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 Mangrove Pitta (Pitta megarhyncha).

Pitta (Pitta megarhyncha)
Measuring 180–210 mm (7.1–8.3 in) in length, the Mangrove Pitta has a black head with a buff-coloured crown, white chin and buff underparts. The shoulders and mantle are greenish and the vent is reddish. Juveniles have similar patterned plumage but are duller. It resembles the Blue-winged Pitta but can be distinguished by its much heavier bill.[5] Its call, transcribed as wieuw-wieuw has been noted to be "more slurred" than the Blue-winged Pitta.The Mangrove Pitta was first described by German ornithologist Hermann Schlegel in 1863. Its species name is derived from the Ancient Greek words mega- "large", and rhynchos "beak". It forms a superspecies with the Indian Pitta (P. brachyura), Fairy Pitta (P. nympha) and Blue-winged Pitta (P. moluccensis). Alternate common names include: Larger Blue-winged/Malay Pitta, Brève des palétuviers (in French), Große Blauflügelpitta (in German), and Pita de Manglar (in Spanish). There are no recognized subspecies.
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