18 January 2013

Malaysian Birders Club...

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Malaysian Birders (Please contact or ADD your friends who are interested)

“Malaysian Birders” is a Facebook Group specially dedicated to all bird photographers in Malaysia and other parts of the world. The main objectives of this Group are:

1. To provide global cyberspace for bird photographer to share their beautiful bird photos taken anywhere in the world.
2. To promote scientific research and education in order to improve knowledge and awareness of birds in Malaysia.
3. To support the well-being of birds and birding in Malaysia.
4. To share birding knowledge, skills, information and experience among members.
5. To organize discussions and activities related to bird photography.
6. To educate the public on the importance of birds, their habitat, environment and the protection of birds in Malaysia.
7. To collaborate with agencies, institutions, NGOs and the government on conservation and protection of birds in Malaysia.
8. To have joint seminars or forums with companies on the progress and development of photography technology.
9. To organize monthly and yearly birding trips for members.

Eligible members:
1. Dedicated and committed bird photographers.
2. Must own DSLR cameras with other appropriate gears for birding.
3. Must have knowledge about birds and photography.
4. Must be interested in all wild birds, in all habitats whatever their status.
5. Must abide by the universal birding etiquette.

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