15 January 2011


Barbets are small, stocky-bodied birds with rather large heads which gives the appearance of a stubby neck.  The majority of barbets are multicolored in striking plumage.  The Asian and American species are predominantly green with red, blue and yellow markings, usually around the head.  African barbets are mainly yellow, black or red and are heavily spotted or streaked.  Their bills are stout and have bristles or tufts of feathers that lay forward over the nares, gape and chin region of the face.  They possess zygodactylous toes (two forward and two backward) and with the exception of three species are arboreal.
Fruits, berries, buds, flowers, nectar, insects; larger species such as the lineated barbet have been known to consume tree frogs, lizards and even other smaller birds.  Certain genera may be more frugivorous or insectivorous. 

Description:  24-26cm, 110-181g.  Sexes alike but females mandible appears paler, bluish dusky.  Immature birds have overall duller plumage.

Found in lowland foothills, rare in evergreen forests and swamp forests but also found in cocoa plantations and tall second growth forests. 

                                                                                Location - Bukit Tinggi Pahang 


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